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Velcro Knee Wrap

Velcro Knee Wrap

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Velcro knee wrap provides advanced support and protection for the most common causes of knee pain. Used for short-term purposes like minor knee injuries/strains and for ongoing knee conditions causing mild to moderate knee pain as long-term support. Velcro knee wrap fits snugly allowing some compression and heat to the knee which helps support the soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments


  • adjustable straps so the brace fits your own unique shape.
  • versatile to changing sizes of swollen knees
  • one size fits all, you just have to choose your favorite color
  • Ideal for strains or contusions to the quadriceps, hamstring, or groin muscles

Material Composition
Made of heavy-weight cotton elastic for maximum support. Breathable and transmits moisture away from the body and is absorbent and removes liquid from the skin.

Care Management
Wash your Knee Wrap in cold water. It helps keep the shape and texture of your velcro knee wrap. Soak the knee wrap for 5-10 minutes in this detergent solution then rinse and hang to dry.



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