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Thrusting Spinning Suction Masturbation Cup

Thrusting Spinning Suction Masturbation Cup

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This is a sophisticated masterbator cup with six different rotational functions. The interior is constructed of premium silicone. Your penis is firmly attached to the elevated, rounded components. Different rotational methods satisfy you in different ways.

Discover your greatest option, and you'll have a wonderful and unmatched experience. You'll experience a strong and subtle rotation that will give you a unique and lovely feeling.

The strong suction cup can be attached to any smooth surface, making it perfect for the bathroom or bedroom. With its powerful suction, it will stay in place, even when wet.

  • 6 different rhythms of thrust and 3 different speeds to choose from
  • Adjustable angle of 165°, for the enjoyment of various positions
  • Aesthetically hexagonal texture, non-slip, and easier to hold
  • Removable sleeve, easy to wash and clean

Size Measurements: 
Insertable Length:   5.7 inches
Cup Diameter: 1.9 inches

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