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Telescopic Rotation Male Masturbator Cup

Telescopic Rotation Male Masturbator Cup

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Try our Telescopic Rotation Male Masturbator Cup, a safe and healthy way to explore and discover your own pleasure and sexual fantasies. It can also help to improve your sexual performance, as well as improve your overall mood.

This cup is fantastic! It has 3 thrusting and 4 rotation modes, so you can really customize your experience. The suction is excellent, and the one-click erupt feature is incredible.

Size Measurements: 
Insertable Length: 7 inches
Cup Diameter: 1.8 inches


  • High-speed telescoping up to 400 times/min,
  • 360°Friction Suction with licking, sexy lady moaning
  • Size:92mm*95mm*323mm
  • Battery: charge 160min, use 60min


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