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Silicone Sleeve Skin Protector

Silicone Sleeve Skin Protector

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Universal Silicone Sleeve is a very soft silicone sleeve that is most commonly used as a enhancer for vacuum

Extender/stretcher/hanger/ pump sessions. It is simply too amazing to describe how much it enhances the routine, anyone who is using a

Pump/extender/stretcher/hanger of any kind should be

Using an this Silicone soft Sleeve .Also it can be use for hand stretching and to protect your skin during extender routine.

Perfect to use with vacuum cup( you can find it in my another goods)



1) The material is 100 % natural factory medical silicone

2) Choose from the Sizes : S/M/L/XL

  • Medium - 90mm x 18mm
  • Large - 90mm x 25mm
  • XL - 140mm by 20mm


3) All sleeves are very soft and elastic

4) Enhances Cell Growth

5) Can Be Easily Sized

6) Can Be Worn AFTER Pumping

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