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Rotating Mastubator Cup

Rotating Mastubator Cup

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Made of Medical grade material, 100% safety, harmless to the body (It is normal that you smell slight odor when first open, Please clean it and dry it naturally. )

7 thrusting & 360 ° rotating modes. This innovative male toy is equipped with a more intense thrust motor, 7 automatic thrust modes, and 360 ° rotation modes, which stimulate all your sensory nerves together and throw yourself into the wildest fantasies.

One click climax mode. When the above modes cannot be met, click on the climax mode to experience a strong feeling and ultimate pleasure of 238 revolutions per minute, allowing you to do whatever you want. This men's cup can also be used as a trainer, allowing you to switch between normal mode and one click orgasm mode to train your sexual endurance.

High quality, safe and soft TPE material. The 4.3 inch insertable tunnel of this pocket is made of high-quality TPE material, which is very soft and can meet any size and circumference. Full of realistic 3D particles and multiple layers of spiral folds inside, bringing you a wonderful sexual experience! For the best experience, always use this toy with water-based lubricants.

Easy to clean & USB charging type. Unlike other pumps or electric toys, our male device has a detachable sleeve that can be easily separated from the machine. Just pull it out, rinse it, and let it dry.

After each use, the sleeves can be washed with warm water and mild soap, and then rinsed and dried. USB fast charging, can fully charge after 3.5 hours of charging, and can continue to work for 2.5 hours.

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