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Replacement Sleeve for Electric Penis Pump

Replacement Sleeve for Electric Penis Pump

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A must-have accessory for an electric penis pump.  Upgrade your pleasure time with this replacement sleeve that gives sucking stimulation just like your partner's mouth. 

Some benefits include:

  • A healthy way of penis enlargement and elongation
  • Effective enlargement of the penis circumference. (Thickening)
  • Penis straightening and enlargement and shaping of the glans (glans penis)
  • a medical-grade device that was designed to be safe and gentle, and no discomfort at all while using it.


  • Creates air-tight seal for optimal pumping
  • Makes pumping more fun
  • Compatible with most pumping systems

Item Composition

  • This is made of high-quality ABS material Super soft TPR silica gel set.
  • 100% natural non-deforming materials and can be used when sleeping and active moving

Care Management:

Wipe with a cloth sprayed with rubbing alcohol, the easiest and most common method of sterilizing medical-grade silicone.


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