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Magnetic Weights

Magnetic Weights

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A versatile way to introduce magnetic stretching. These magnetic weights come in variable heights of between 14mm and 56mm, these rings also have different weights, allowing you to achieve whatever stretch you want. 

This does exactly what you hope it would and then some! Light, very nice to hold it is also quiet but highly effective.


  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Inner Diameter: 35mm
  • Variable heights: 14mm to 56mm
  • Material: 100% Real 304 Stainless Steel
  • Inner Diameter: 34mm (1.34") For all 5 size rings

Sizes Available 

  • 14mm( 0.55" ) for 230g Ring, 
  • 20mm ( 0.8" ) for 340g Ring
  • 30mm ( 1.2" ) for 500g Ring
  • 40mm ( 1.6" ) for 690g Ring
  • 56mm ( 2.2" ) for 960g Ring

Package Inclusions: 

1 X Ball Magnetic Weights in the size of your choice.


Care Management

Spray vinegar in a clean cloth and wipe the stainless magnets thoroughly.  Rub the gray magnet marks with the vinegar or cleaner until the stains fade completely, moistening the rag in fresh cleaner as necessary.


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