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Waterproof Hybrid Penis Pump

Waterproof Hybrid Penis Pump

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Introducing the newest ultimate completely waterproof penis pump.


Increased Comfort and Confidence: Bathfun can help men like you become more comfortable and confident in your own sexual experiences


Size Measurements: 
Insertable Length: 7 inches
Cup Diameter: 2.5 inches


Features and Benefits


  • True full underwater use: Can be used in the bathtub, or pool underwater. (It can also be used in air).
  • Underwater use provides a more comfortable feeling and significantly increases comfort and safety by preventing the risk of edema due to penile capillary rupture.
  • The ComFit Silicone sleeve has a broader body contact (3MM at the bottom) and a longer penis covering length, providing significantly increased comfort and a better seal than conventional silicone sleeves. (Seal effectively without removing pubic hair)
  • Magic Sleeve, produced by the inverted film technology, brings tight and realistic covering. The powerful suction is experienced while deep throat massage is stimulating, bringing the unique experience of underwater vacuum aircraft.
  • Magic Sleeve has an amplification function to enhance visual stimulation effectively
  • Magnetic charging
  • Easy to remove and clean.

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