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Thai Herbal Erection Enhancer

Thai Herbal Erection Enhancer

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This is a herbal tonic made for men, a biologically active supplement. It does not contain any steroid, stimulant or artificial ingredient, it is a 100% natural and safe product.



It is a unique means of improving sexual function in men, and also has a therapeutic effect on the prostate.

 It improves the function of the liver, kidneys and bladder, and can suppress them.

 It is indicated for symptoms such as male erectile dysfunction,

 Premature or premature ejaculation,

 Chronic fatigue syndrome,

 Widely used to preserve strength and youth, they are at the top of the drugs used and are comparable to ginseng, a powerful tonic.

 Stimulates libido in men, reduces fatigue, gives strong and long-lasting erections, makes the penis hard.


Compositions and details of each ingredient:


Ginseng (Ginseng) - Ginseng restores strength, increases immunity, lowers blood sugar, increases low blood pressure, stimulates blood circulation to the brain;

 - Schisandra Fruit - fruit of the Chinese magnolia vine (Shizandra) treats stress and depression, has a beneficial effect on the heart and liver, reduces the growth of cancer cells;

 - Chinese Wolfberry - (Lycium Barbarum berries, goji). Repairing, antioxidant, tonic;

 - Coicis Semen, Cinnamon - Chinese Cinnamomum relieves fatigue, strengthens the body, cures impotence and improves digestion;

 - Dioscorea opposita thumb - Dioscorea (Chinese yam). It lowers blood cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure, prevents vascular spasms;

 - Herba Epimedii - Korean Goryanka. The herb that deer actively eat during mating season, acts as a plant hormone, is capable of restoring and improving the functions of the penis. Excellent aphrodisiac. It increases sperm production, reduces impotence and infertility, improves health and prolongs life;

 - Cistanche (cistanche) - a perennial herb with thick branched stems, covered with regular scales. The flowers are collected in a special brush. Known to treat impotence, infertility, used as an aphrodisiac;

 - Longan aril - longan Aril. It improves digestion, facilitates the absorption of vitamins, improves memory and sleep;

 - Cordyceps Sinensis - Chinese cordyceps (mushrooms). It tones and rejuvenates, combats stress, excellent aphrodisiac, antioxidant and immunostimulant. Removes toxins and impurities from the body, slows the heart rate, increases the production of sperm in men, fights against the development of tumors.

Manual :


1-2 capsules 1 hour before intercourse with hot water to drink or an infusion.

 Effective time is approximately 72 hours.

 If it lasts longer than expected, then you should drink or eat something sour.




People with high blood pressure or heart problems should avoid these substances.

 Do not take this with other biologically active drugs or supplements with similar action.

 The drug has no side effects and no toxic effects on the body for a healthy person.

 This product is sold in pharmacies in Thailand.


Conditioning :

 A package contains a plate under

Blister of 6 capsules x 600 mg, vacuum packed.

Original new and hermetic packaging

 Non-contractual photo - may vary depending on arrivals and change over time.

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