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4D Automatic Masturbator

4D Automatic Masturbator

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This automatic vibrator is designed to give you a surprisingly intense hands-free orgasm using oscillating vibration. This is made with Silicone + ABS Material that is 100% safe.


  • Intelligent pumping, automatic expansion and contraction, 55mm expansion and contraction distance, 360 times/minute, 5 speeds, 10 frequencies and 50 modes of stimulation
  • Airbag suction, automatic suction, one-button start, automatically adapt to the size of the penis
  • 4D fairyland channel, three kinds of inner cup, oral sex, vagina, and anus multiple channel modes
  • The strong suction cup, wide Angle adjustment of 145°
  • Built-in lithium battery charge, charge for 2 hours, use for 2 hours
  • The penis can be up to 18CM long with an inlet of 2.5cm and can be expanded wider

Accessories can only be used with the product and cannot be used separately.

Package Inclusions:
1 X Oral Sex Cup
1 x Charger Connector

Key Description
F-1: to change telescopic modes
R-1: to change telescopic speed
F-2: long press to air sucking and pressure
R-2: long press to release air pressure

Care Management:

Wipe with a cloth sprayed with rubbing alcohol, the easiest and most common method of sterilizing medical-grade silicone. 


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