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I Tried 14 Different Sex Toys (Masturbators) - Here's The Best One!

By Baseem last updated 6 days go.

Are you tired of using your hand?

I just finished trying out every masturbator you see in front of me here on the table, ranging from $20 up to $200

If you want to know the absolute best masturbator that will transform your experience, I'm about to spill the beans.

Some of these were broken right out of the box, total waste of money. So, if you don't want to throw away your cash, stick to the page because I'll tell you what's hot on the market right now.

The Top Three (3) Best Masturbators

The top three that you should be looking at when choosing a sex toy (maturbator) are;


1. Rotating Mastubator Cup ★★★★★

This one right here was actually the best and takes the crown. I got to say this because it is simple and strokes, the rotating motor is actually pretty strong, it feels great for pleasure, and it feels really good so I'd give it an eight out of 10.

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2. Heating & Vibrating Male Masturbator ★★★★★

This is a super cool masturbator, there's a lot of things I like about this masturbator and some things I don't like. So first of all you can attach your phone to it which is pretty cool so you can watch your favorite porn while you are masturbating. It has three features; stroking, vibration, and it also gets hot and on top of this you can actually control it with the controller right so you don't have to remove your hand. And kind of click the buttons you can control everything while you're holding it, the feeling inside. I'll give it 8 out of 10. It was good, the motor was keeping up with my girth.

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3. Automatic Open-Ended Male Masturbator ★★★★★

This was actually one of my favorite ones especially considering the fact of how portable it is and how easy it is to clean. So as you can see that this one is basically half the size of the other ones and it's open on both sides which I personally like because it allows you to kind of stroke only the head of your penis if you want to or only the base of your penis depending on your preference. The texture inside feels good, the motor was keeping up with my growth so that was already great so I give it a six out of 10.

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The important factors when choosing a masturbator

There are four factors I look at when choosing a masturbator;

Functionality: Understanding what the masturbator can do is crucial. Does it vibrate, stroke, rotate, or provide suction? Depending on personal preferences.

Motor Strength: A powerful motor ensures consistent and satisfying performance, especially for individuals with thicker girth. Weak motors can lead to disappointment and frustration during use.

Durability and Quality:
Investing in a high-quality masturbator ensures longevity and a consistent experience over time. Cheaply made products may break easily or lose functionality, leading to dissatisfaction and the need for frequent replacements.

Ease of Cleaning: Hygiene is crucial when it comes to sex toys. Masturbators that are easy to clean and maintain are preferred, as they ensure a hygienic experience and prolong the lifespan of the product.

Best penis extender in 2024


1. BEST Extender ★★★★★

All-in-one device and best value for your dollar!

Comfort: BEST Extender is the most comfortable device on the market since it's the only device that comes with a large soft silicone base that is nice to the touch and the size of the base provides extra comfort since it spreads the pressure over a larger surface area.

Ease of use:
BEST Extender has very little moving parts and it comes pre-assembled so it will fit any penis size. It also comes with instructional video course and an app that can help you track your progress and gives you optimal stretching routines for your level.

Safety: BEST Extender is by far one of the safest devices to use since it can show you precise amount of tension at all time and this way you can insure that you're not stretching too hard or too little.

Price: At $179 The BEST Extender is one of the most affordable device on the market, it and gives you the most value for your buck.

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2. Penimaster PRO ★★★★★

The best penis extender for most users - a 5-star device

Comfort: The PeniMaster Pro is by far one of the most comfortable devices that I have tested thanks to it's adaptive latex technology, the vacuum chamber and the included lube that comes with it.

Ease of use: The PeniMaster PRO is intuitive and easy to use, it takes less than a minute to put on, and it takes 2 seconds to take off.

Safety: The PeniMaster PRO is one of the safest devices out there, that's because it used the vacuum technology along with the latex and lube the enhance blood flow to the head of your penis while protecting it from blister or unnecessary vacuum pressure.

The PeniMaster PRO is not the cheapest device on the market and comes at around $340 but it's made of the highest quality material and you're getting a lot of wearing options for that price making it an excellent value for your money.

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3. Extenderz PRO ★★★★★

The best penis extender on a budget

Comfort: The Extenderz PRO is a very comfortable device thanks to it's vacuum head technology that enhanced blood flow to the head of the penis, it also comes with a protective latex cap and a tape to protect against excess vacuum pressure and prevent blisters.

Ease of use:
The Extenderz PRO is easy to use, all you have to do is put on the protective cap and slide your penis into the vacuum head. See demo video for more details.

The Extenderz PRO is relatively safe to use, you just need to make sure that the head of your penis is properly covered with latex cap or taped with the included tape to protect it from the vacuum pressure.

At around $150 the Extenderz PRO is one of the most affordable devices on the market and it is packed with value for your buck since it includes a variety of wearing options from velcro strap to hanging with the metal chain that is included with it.

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